• Q: What's your quality of stainless steel material?

    Our high quality sinks are made with SUS304 18 gauge & 16 gauge (18/8) stainless steel. In metals, the lower the gauge number, the thicker and more durable the steel. The 18/8 number is the chrome/nickel content of the steel. This indicates to the luster and corrosion resistance of the steel

  • Q: Does the sink come with a template for the cut out?

    Yes we supply the sink cut-out template and sink clips together with sinks to customers. Also the sink grid and strainers are available.

  • Q: Do you apply the spray and sound pads for your sinks?

    Yes all models of our sinks paste rubber pads on bottom and sides. Also we spray the thick coating for sinks to prevent water condensation. 

  • Q: Can you customize the sink per my dimension?

    We can produce the sinks per customer’s dimension.

    For pressed/drawn sinks, the molding charge is US$20,000 for one double bowl, US$16,000 for one single bowl sink.

    For handmade sinks, no extra charges are needed.

  • Q: What's the packing of your sinks?

    We offer different solutions for package, from single carton box to the nested package. 

  • Q: Do you perform the inspection before packing and loading?

    Yes we will perform 100% inspection before packing and loading. Also we accept on site inspection from customer and professional inspection agency such as SGS etc.


  • Q: What is the Limited Lifetime Warranty?

    3 years warranty is provided. This includes rusting, warpage, staining, burning, cracking, discoloration, and any other defect due to workmanship or material failure.

    This warranty DOES NOT include damage due to installation or usage abuse. 

    For visible problems, it is suggested that a claim be made within A MONTH when the product was received, including a description of the product model and of the defect be sent to the email 

  • Q: How to clean my stainless steel kitchen sink?

    We recommend hot soapy water and liquid cleanser. Please DO NOT use abrasive products as they can etch the surface. Please make sure to apply all cleaning products with a soft cloth or sponge to avoid scratch to sink.

  • Q: How to remove the rust and possible pit?

    Steel wool pads should never be used to clean your sink. Swab with a sponge wetted with a dilute (10-15%) solution of nitric acid (HNO3) and follow with routine cleaning. Dilute nitric acid in strengths of up to 20%, is a "friendly” acid to stainless steel. It is the ONLY acid that may be used with no risk to stainless steel.

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